Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Consistent or Correct

One of the bloggers I follow pretty consistently changed up his writing style. In a recent post he had the following lines...
A commenter to one of my posts last months said "you have to be consistent". I reject that notion entirely. I am not consistent at all. I feel entirely comfortable being a raging capitalist in some circumstances and a raging socialist in other circumstances. I’d rather be right than consistent.
-- Fred Wilson
This was one of the best retorts I've heard in a while. In my many roles, I am often criticized for the speed at which my perspectives appear to change. The ability to be flexible and adapt to new information is one of my fundamental strengths, but my personal velocity can make others uncomfortable. This simple response laid out something I haven't quite been able to say.

Well done.

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Anonymous said...

totally agreed, but sometimes the way you convey things matters most than whether you are right or wrong